Eco Cricket

Crickets are like… an LED lamp, an energy saving computer, a hydrogen car …


    Crickets are not water nor food greedy – To produce 1kg of edible crickets, they need 1L of water and 1kg of food. Compared to beef, it’s 15 000L of water and 10kg of food that are needed to produce 1kg!

    Why? Crickets grow so fast that after 45 days – they are already adults ! And also because they have a better conversion rate, which means they use are greater share of what they consume for their development.


    They are stored UPRIGHT
    Imagine a tower of crickets fluttering from floors to floors, ideal for saving on space!
    Fun fact! … One large greenhouse could feed the whole of Paris!



  • A postcard from 30 €

  • A cotton bag from 45 €

  • Free delivery from 50 €