Spirulina: “Blue Gold”

Spirulina, a blue micro algue, was said to be the “Best food for humanity in the 21st Century” by the Worldwide Health Organisation. It appeared on our planet over 3 billion years ago. Ancient civilisations like the Incas in Mexico and other communities in the Sahara had already observed it’s powerful vertus.

  • Health


    Carrying outstanding health benefits, Spirulina is composed of 55% to 70% complete proteins. It is also a treasure of minerals and vitamins, in particular vitamin B12. Spirulina also stands out with it’s deep blue-green colour due to the chlorophylle and phycocyanins it contains. These too nutrients have numerous health benefits, amongst which contributing to better our immunity, detoxifying our organism and has antioxydant properties.

  • Environment

    Thanks to it’s important productivity, spirulina requires 30 times less land than soya, 40 times less than corn and 300 times less than beef. It consumes also 3 times less water than soya and 50 times less than beef.



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