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Foodtech Innovations in 7 Keys #Vivatech

Gryö at Vivatech, meeting Innovation and Foodtech

These last three days, in Paris, took place the biggest French innovation-themed event: the bold “Viva Technologie”, gathering more than 5000 start-up companies and dozens of public and private innovation stakeholders, around workshops, “pitch” sessions, “hackathons” and conferences. Between drones, autonomous cars, virtual realities and artificial intelligence, gryö attended the party!

Among the Fintech/Edtech/Medtech… and multiple creature in “tech”, the “Foodtech” once again proves to be a strong trend amid innovation. France, gourmet and taste champion, projects itself as a “European start-up nation” of Foodtech. This sector is the alliance of alimentation and restauration throughout new technologies.

At this fair we could meet cultural revolution in the plate and the glass, like ALGAMA seaweed on Accor table or VINIV on LVMH’s table, and equally evolution of habits and digital tools for a better food tomorrow, as Foodmeup. A great moment of pedagogy and an occasion for gryö to explain in details why take up entomophagy (i.e. the insects consumption).


So, for you, gryö sums up the coolest seven last Foodtech trends:


  1. Eat healthy, fresh and local: a growing trend

Among the finalists of the Digital Tour were Deligreens, organic and local products directly delivered to you.


  1. Be coached to eat better!

Go ahead and try Dietsensor, an app designed for individuals. Or the EatwellRX platform for companies. Soon insects will appear in their recommendations? The benefits are all already acknowleged!


  1. “Disruption” in restaurants: always further

We ought to reinvent the meal experience in order to deliver an experience always more unique and personalised to the consumer. The said client that has never been so plural and demanding, favors new food use and is more interested to the environmental and social impacts of their food choices.


The trend is to “customer-centric”, with the consumer at the center and their own personal experience. The restaurant experience is to be rethought entierely. And that’s why those new consumption models open thriving markets, such as home delivery, or super-personalisation of the offers in the plate or in the services.


  1. While traveling, hospitality will be rather a matter of experience and meeting people than a matter of place or food: it’s already what Vizeat or Voulezvousdîner vouch for when they invite you for diner in local people’s home, when you’re abroad.


  1. Amongst background trend from the other side of the Atlantic, the end the cooking era? In the U.S., less and less people cook, and this explains the wild competition in which start-ups engage, in the delivery business, in order to satisfy the clients wishes at lowest costs so that they insure their market share on the long run.



  1. Fight food waste thanks to digital and community engagement, like Olio or Optimiam. Nice challenge in a hyperconsumption system to reattribute a value to food.
  2. And last but not least! Insure a sustainable and tasty alimentation to nowadays and future generations, like with delicious insect powder bars… Oh, wait! Yeah, that’s gryö!

And always more ideas and ideals with “collect & click” models, 3D printer, “digital food places” to pitchs sessions of ideas for the special Accor “foodtech” hackathon. Conforted in our project after beautiful encounters, heads full of ideas, gryö flies away toward new adventures! See you at the next edition of VivaTechnology in 2017!


Charlotte Guériaux Reynal, gryö-ambassador


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